Captain: The Black Hawker

A jovial and well-rounded man, Albatross' Creed is that of freedom and fortune.

Originally a merchant by trade, his partnership with a Pedwyrran Governor started his life of piracy and soon he began 'teaching' reputable sailors, naval officers and workmen his 'techniques'. Within a season, his ship was known unofficially as Albatross' School of Piracy, and amusingly, Albatross himself was one of the last to hear of it. When he learned of this affectionate name given to his illegal conduct, he reprimanded his crew for spreading false rumours, and informed the men attempting to 'enrol' in his 'school': "Albatross? Nay, 'tis called the Hawker's School of Piracy, and I am merely Head Bird!"

The name stuck.

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