Beracco map copy

Capitol: Hamal

Official Religion: Holy Cross

Major Cities: Rabatsafì, Inzegan, Meknesa, Jdidor, Tezache, and Sidi Tifelt.

Citizens: Beraccans

Beracco Flag j

Beracco Flag

Culture: The Beraccans are known for their sumptuous clothing and rich spices. The men wear the traditional Fez with their ear-tails allowed to grown long, while the women wear layered ankle-length dresses with wide waistbands and long sleeves.

The people are cinnamon-coloured, with honey-golden skin, curly warm brown hair, and eyes grey, grey-blue or black. They are of midling height and build, known more for their poetry and philosophy than physical prowess.

Historical Notes:

(Influences: Morocco, Portugal)

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