Davosland map copy
Davosland Flag j

Davosland flag

Capitol: Edelseine

Official Religion: Mother-on-High

Major Cities: Basque, Frankoster, Wallia, Nicene and Austura.

Citizens: The people of Davosland are called Davoslanders, Davans or Barbarians. Known for their huge size, considerable body hair (including long, wild hair with beards and moustaches), and their thick-set muscle. They have ruddy skin, pale eyes (blue/lavendar/grey/green); any colour blond/brown hair, occasionally black; dense, big-framed.

Culture: Their clothing uses rough leathers, rough sinew stitching, furs and feathers, wooden and bone toggles. This wild/rough look
has become the image to represent the Wild Lands, and their dull sense of humour is often lampooned in foreign plays and novels. Davoslanders cling tightly to tradition, their orally preserved history in the form of epic Sagas and taller-than-life heroes and a slightly xenophobic view of outsiders.

Historical Notes:

(Influences: Saxons, Barbarians, Goths, Vikings)

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