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Gothan flag

Capitol: Voltberg

Official Religion: Mother-on-High

Major Cities: Airheimar, Gasteiz, Vitoria, Oium and Pallastre.

Citizens: The people of Gothan are called Goths or Gothans. Dusky-skinned and of midling height and build, they typically have hair so dark purple/blue/teal that it appears as black. Their red or plum coloured eyes and intense expressions have antagonized them towards more politically temperate countries (like Toltana) and more relaxed cultures (like Herespere). In dress they are modest, sometimes spartan, with minimal patterns, drab colours and few decorations. Body modification (including piercing and tattoo work) is frowned upon in their culture.

Culture: Gothan has one of the most equal society structures, with no Caste or class systems, full political equality between men and women and a democratic-based monarchy. They believe very strongly in hard work, perserverance and industry. Their land is mountainous and austere at its heights and dank and swampy at its depths, and despite the hard terrain, they have built impressive fortifications which along with the land have erected an impressive barrier dividing Est from Vesta.

Historical Notes: The world-renowned stone masonry of Gothan is unparalleled. The iconic Silver Hills Road is one of the 7 Wonders of the World. It stretches from the norther borders of Herespere and the Nepalayan Mountains, down the ranges and through the country to end on the southern edge of Toltana. It is the longest unbroken track of road in the world winding its way for a whopping 23,047 km. It is said that sailing past the northern reaches of Gothan, it looks like a silver ribbon cutting through the mists and black forests, hence its name.

(Influences: Mongolia, Tibet, Siberia, Ukraine)

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