Grenade profile j

Niklaus Gerhard, aka Grenade

Name: Niklaus Gerhard

Homeland: Laosland; city: Salz

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 170lbs

DOB: Bul 21st (Scorpio)

Age: 31

Hair: Copper

Skin: Fair

Eyes: Blue (right); Hazel (left)

Affiliation: DeHavilland (previously Curtiss Cross)

Position: Master of the Arsenal, Dueling and Weapons.

Faith: Cabal Angels (previously Holy Cross)


Niklaus was an angry young man. He was constantly in scraps and found himself repulsed by women and unable to treat them with kindness. Pious to the Holy Cross and guilt-ridden by his deep-seeded urges, he volunteered for the military and soon became one of their fiercest fighters. Frustrated by the lack of action in Laosland, he transferred to the Curtiss Cross, an aggressive ship persecuting infidels throughout the Seven Seas. It was while stationed with the Curtiss Cross that they tackled the DeHavilland, a pirate ship known to be captained by a Mother-on-High worshiper. During the siege, Niklaus swung on board the DeHavilland, and was left behind when the Curtiss Cross withdrew. Abandoned and left in the custody of Shield, Niklaus' was slowly converted from the holy life to Piracy, a place where his voracious fighting skills would be appreciated and he would no longer have to deny his secret desires. He was given the post of Master of the Arsenal, Dueling and Weapons, and shortly afterward was converted by Shield to the Cabal Angels.

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