Namir map copy
Namir Flag j

Capitol: Sophir

Official Religion: Cabal Angels

Major Cities: Jerash, Amhak'an, Alqaba, Hajoun, Mir'sahl, Wadi Muun

Citizens: Namirans, Nammies;

Mocha-skinned, black eyes and with any shade of brown hair, Namirans are of midling height and built, and tend towards long, lean frames.

Culture: These cheerful and friendly people have long been peace-keepers, often taking in fugitives from religious or territorial wars. Their philosophies take most any outcome with a grain of salt, and they never cease to find the positive drop in a poisoned sea.

While their nation is officially Cabalists, they are one of the only nations in the world where any faith is welcome. The Crossians have their district, as the Mothers have theirs, and the Pagans have theirs. Foreign faiths are more heavily taxed, and foreign places of worship owe largess to the cities they are built in, but there is no descrimination from a democratic or social standpoint. Because of this balance, Namir is usually a peaceful and welcoming land for travellers of all walks of life. This makes it a welcoming place for scholars and other learned masters, and has enabled the great Golden Cup Library of Sophir to be the site at which a majority of the political, socioeconomic, philosophical and scientific dialogue has been debated and written. The famous Symposium Assembly is an open floor where anyone of any gender, age or religion can book time to lecture and speak. These philibusters are a place for the Assembly to debate theories, to ask probing questions and to distribute further investigation.

Many of the world's advances in mathematics, medicine and astronomy have come from Namir. They even have an entire class known as the Sophists, who are those whose entire profession and career revolves around making these lectures and debates and being funded by patrons in the hopes of having new theories, diseases or discoveries named after them.

Historical notes:

(Influences: Jordan, Egypt)

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