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Numas Flag j

Capitol: Moiraei

Official Religion: Mother-on-High (birthplace)

Major Cities: Etione, Nisene, Melusine, Rune, Sabatta, Nimue, Hathor, and Brigitta

Citizens: Numans, Numasians, Numa-Maidens, Nume-Squires, Mother's Children

Culture: While the association with Numas features heavily on their women, it should not be forgotten that they also possess menfolk, and that these men are by no means womanly. However, due to the matriarchal society in Numas, in which the women choose their men (especially as seen by the Harem Courts of the Priestesses) the men are often in competition to be chosen. To this end, physical prowess, gentlemanly airs, refinement, intelligence, culture and hygiene are all cultivated in the hopes of attracting a mate. Because of this, the men of Numas are generally assumed to be beautiful, a land of Adonises.

In appearance, the Numans are typically slender and slight, ranging from 5'0" to 5'10" with their women being generally taller than their men. Their skin is a light honey-cream, with blue, green or lavender eyes. Their hair is honey-toned in various strawberry, blond or nut browns, and is typically worn in sections of three, with braids, bunches or eartails over each temple, and a gathering of hair at the back of the head. Adornements are commonly worn for both men and women, though diadems are strictly for female use of those working in the Temples.

Historical notes:

(Influences: the Island of Sappho, Australia, Madagascar, Wiccan Covenants)

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