Pipe Resins come in a wide variety of blends to cause different effects, but all are made from a blend of opium, incense and tree (usually camphor) resin. The combination creates a pleasant smelling and often decorative smoke that contains all of the aromatherapeutic effects of the incense or essential oils imbued in the resin, and the high of Opium. They come in varying strengths from a mellow 'calmant' to the sort of cloud chasing that renders the smoker incapacitated and 'lost' for hours on end. Some of the most well-known blends: Silver Jasmine Resin (a blue-silver smoke, smelling of jasmine, rain and magnolia), Amber Resin (a golden smoke, smelling of frankincense, sandalwood and myrrh), Rose Resin (dusty-pink smoke, smelling of roses, cherries and plum wood), Snow Wings Resin (white smoke, smelling of vanilla, lavender, chamomile, and hops), Black Moon Resin (thick and acrid black smoke, smelling of smoked tea, patchouli, bitter orange and cedar wood).

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