The Zodiac in Uphelios is tied to the universally accepted Kúklos Calendar (from the Mother-on-High system, which follows the Moon). There is one Zodiac sign for each of the 13 months as follows:


Nisan 1 - 28 "The Ram"

Cardinal Fire

Symbol - The Charging Warrior; a warrior astride a charging ram.

The sign of energy, passion and initiative; violence, impatience and aggression.

Planet - Mars


Ziv 1 - 28 "The Bull"

Polar Earth

Symbol - The Bringer of Light; a bull with the sun between its horns.

The sign of quality, dedication and charity; decadence, gluttony and stubbornness.

Planet - Venus

Gemini Edit

Sivan 1 - 28 "The Twins"

Mutable Air

Symbol - Twins Bound in Cycle; twins connected by umbilical, alternately, the soul in reincarnation.

The sign or versatility, adaptation and self-development; fickleness, duality, fragmentation.

Planet - The Belt


Tammuz 1 - 28 "The Crab"

Cardinal Water

Symbol - The Sacred Crab; A crab carrying a pearl between its claws, alternately carrying the moon.

The sign of passivity, emotional wealth and protection; cowardice, sloth and evasion.

Planet - Moon


Av 1 - 28 "The Lion"

Polar Fire

Symbol - The Crowned Lion; the lion of royalty, alternately the lion of heavenly knowledge with one paw on the sacred texts.

The sign of presentation, creation and governance; pride, arrogance, misdirection.

Planet - Sun

Virgo Edit

Elul 1 - 28 "The Maiden"

Mutable Earth

Symbol - The Vestigial Virgin in Dance; alternately a child with a shaft of wheat.

The sign of analysis, clarity and straight-forward approach; parochialism, rigidity and obsession.

Planet - Ceres


Ethanim 1 - 29 "The Scales"

Cardinal Air

Symbol - The Scales of Judgment; A pair of scales weighing heart against a feather, alternately the horizon and the rising/sinking sun.

The sign of balance, expression and connection; disloyalty, dissatisfaction, stagnation.

Planet - Mercury


Bul 1 - 28 "The Phoenix"

Polar Water

Symbol - The Phoenix of Resurrection; A Phoenix rising from its own ashes, alternately an Eagle with a scorpion and serpent in its claws.

The sign of rebirth, self-discovery, revelation; self-destruction, anarchy, wrath.

Planet - Pluto

Sagittarius Edit

Kislev 1 - 28 "The Archer"

Mutable Fire

Symbol - The Centaur Archer; A centaur with Bow drawn, alternately a hunter on horseback.

The sign of aspiration, ambition and control; dogmatism, control, oppression.

Planet - Jupiter


Tevet 1 - 28 "The Dragon" 

Symbol - The Oroboros; Cycle, or Unity, alternately a sea serpent encircling the world, alternately a Dragon with heaven and earth in its wings.

The sign of compilation, transformation, freedom; self-uncontrol, wildness, chaos.

Planet - Uphelios


Shevat 1 - 28 "The Capricorn"

Cardinal Earth

Symbol - The Ascending Capricorn; a capricorn climbing from the sea, alternately, a Siren on the Rocks

The sign of ascension, achievement and understanding; fastidiousness, inflexibility and unsympathetic nature.

Planet - Saturn


Adar 1 - 28 "The Shooting Star"

Polar Air

Symbol - The Sky Bearer; A basin pouring out the sky, alternately a guiding navigational star, alternately a comet

The sign of discovery, curiosity and adventure; restlessness, destruction, and abandonment.

Planet - Uranos


Aviv 1 - 28 "The Fish"

Mutable Water

Symbol - The Mirrored Fish; two fish swimming in opposite directions, alternately a mermaid spreading a net.

The sign of intuition, reflection, and spirituality; overwhelmedness, inconstancy and vulnerability.

Planet - Neptune

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