Trebuchet portrait j

Thaddeus Erasmus, aka Trebuchet


Name: Thaddeus Erasmus

Homeland: Rabinon; island: Isla Theosopha; port: Garrison Bay

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 210lbs

DOB: Kislev 20th (Sagittarius)

Age: 40

Hair: Auburn'-berry'

Skin: Olive

Eyes: Aqua

Affiliation: DeHavilland, (Bleriot)

Position: Captain and Head Master

==Faith: Agnostic


Erasmus No-Mercy's twin sons, Thaddeus and Sinesio have long had a bitter rivalry to each earn their father's scant affection and hard-won respect. When Erasmus gained extraneous ships under his command, his sons fought over their commands. Sinesio took the Bright Star and Thaddeus got the Sea Plague. In a battle with the Curtiss Cross, Thaddeus lost the Sea Plague and was briefly back on board his father's Bleriot. Soon they captured another ship, the DeHavilland, and again the command of it went to Thaddeus. When Thaddeus took the name Trebuchet and started his Weaponry Academy, Sinesio took the name Dreadnaught and began the Dreadnaught Academy. Their father's death saw the crew of the Bleriot split between the two Pirate Captains, and they continue to fight, pitting their students against one another in the hopes of claiming the lost Bleriot as their own.

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