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Uvatspere flag

Capitol: Czerecki

Official Religion: Pagan;

A belief that the world and all in it is alive and possessed of a soul, and that man is merely a symbiotic being living upon and within that greater celestial being. This collection of old wives tales, folk tales and superstitions is a faith of constant balance of appeasing the (usually) malevolent or mischievous spirits of the World's Edge. Instead of gods, they have a wide range of monsters and heroes. Those who are most knowledgable about the Edge gain a moderate amount of influence or power over these monsters, enabling them to bring them into contract or service. It is a dangerous thing to do, as ould-be summoners can be tricked and warped into monsters themselves.

Major Cities: Péyor, Veszpraszi, Vajaszârd, Kotendre, Gyola and Péça.

Citizens: Uvatans, Uvatsperans, Gypsies, Uvus;

Uvus look a great deal like their Speran ancestors.Known for their exotic appearances, black hair, rosy-cheeked and rich complexions and startling green eyes, the Uvus are strongly traditional and place a heavy onus on the ideals of tradition and family. They have typically long, lithe forms and tall frames, with usually less body hair than their Speran ancestors, and straighter hair (albeit the same thick, deep red-black colourations).

Culture: Known for their nomadic and often 'disorganized' national policies, the Uvus Gypsies are yet a formidable nation that have repulsed the advances of neighbouring nations and religions alike.

Uvat-Pagan: The Uvatspere religion is one of the classified Pagan religions, and revolves around the concept of the 'otherworld', a semi-tangible spirit realm from whence monsters, demons and spirits emerge. Most of the associated practices revolve around warding away these evils, but some do try to summon and control these forces. It is considered hubris to believe that mortals could ever hope to outwit or control the vast forces of the spirit realm, and that even those who appear successful will, in time, be consumed by the very evil they seek to control. Those most pious in the Uvat-Pagan beliefs devote themselves to the hunting of these monsters as the Uvatsperans believe themselves to be perched on the Edge of the World, and take it as their duty to protect humankind from encroaching evils. This cycle is reflected in The Night Journey, an ancient folktale that pits the Sun as a Warrior who sinks below the horizon each night to fight the Demons in the Otherworld in order that the day may be peaceful and safe. Likewise, superstitious Uvat-Pagans believe that their souls join this Journey during sleep.

Historical notes: Long thought to be a place of monsters, superstitions and wild gypsies, the discovery of the famous Droksvan Tablet drew academic attention to the nation as a place of hidden treasures. Uvatspere, while still as wild and mysterious as ever, is now better appreciated as a land of rich and ancient traditions.

(Influences: Roma Gypsies, Cossacks, Huns, Transylvania)

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